How to complete offers on Prizerebel

This video will show you how to complete offers on Prizerebel.


I personally used this video myself when I was a newbie to this site.

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About External Offers

External offers are offers that are hosted on other sites, but accessed through Prizerebel’s site.

This is what the external offers section looks like:


Even if you do not live in the supported countries for Prizerebel, there may be external offers for you to do.

These external offers credit in coins rather than points, and Prizerebel converts at a rate of 50 coins to 0.25 points.These external offers are very similar to the normal offers offered by Prizerebel.

Each section of the external offers (RadiumOne, Matomy, SponsorPay, SuperRewards) is the corresponding supplier of external offers.

Many of these are surveys, but some might be downloads, others video offers.

I personally like doing the video offers because you can start the video and go on doing something else in a different tab, then return to do another video.These videos credit very small amounts, though (1 coin-6 coins each)

If you’re looking to do surveys, which can credit 50 to 400 coins each, I suggest the Peanut Labs section, because their surveys are usually quick and will credit quickly.

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About Custom Orders

Custom orders are Prizerebel’s way of allowing you to buy almost anything you could ever want with your points, even if it’s not in their store.

There are restrictions though, you cannot order:

Weapons – obvious enough
Adult content – Prizerebel does not endorse these
Also, each custom order must cost at least 5 points total. If the item is under 5 points, then you can complete the order, but it will cost a total of 5 points.

You can order multiple things with one custom order (so if your Steam game is only 4 bucks, and the DLC is a dollar) you can combine them into a single order so you can meet the minimum price without overpaying.

Custom orders are handled personally by the admins of the site, and, as such, may take up to a week to complete if the item is in stock.

Any shipping charges will be added to the price of the order, so check accordingly.

Shipping takes place from the seller, not Prizerebel, so Prizerebel has no jurisdiction on how long shipping may take.

For eBay orders, the item you have must have a “Buy-it-now” option. Prizerebel will not place bids for you on an auction.

If there is a problem with your order, you can notify staff and they will attempt to rectify the situation within a week.

You can have specifics for the item (like if you’re buying a coat and want a specific size), they have a comments section for you to add information about the specifics of the item.

Prizerebel will not custom order from some sites if they have a bad reputation or other unsatisfactory things.

Prizerebel will custom order from most sites that accept PayPal.

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Basic Information about Prizerebel (the site we will be using)

For this, we are going to use the site Prizerebel to get our prizes.

I am going to talk about what exactly Prizerebel is and how it works.

Prizerebel is a GPT site, which means that it will pay you to do various things.

You might be going “How is this legit? Wouldn’t they lose money?”

Taken from Prizerebel’s FAQ:

We have advertisers who are looking for your opinion on new products or simply just to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation you will earn points which you can redeem for online game cards, Amazon prizes and MUCH MORE.

These advertisers pay Prizerebel to put their offer out to a mass audience. This way, Prizerebel turns a profit.

When you do these “offers”, as they are referred to on Prizerebel, you get points.

Each point is equal to 1 dollar, and these points can be redeemed for prizes on Prizerebel’s store. If you don’t like the selection in the store, you can order a custom item/product, however, there are restrictions to this, which I will cover later on. I will note now that you cannot convert points directly to cash for multiple reasons.

Now, obviously, if you got a point for every offer you did, you’d be rich. These offers usually only give fractions of a point (0.40 points, 0.25 points, 0.60 points, etc.)

However, over time, these points can accumulate and you can get enough to pay for that game or console that you always wanted. (I personally bought my DS Lite through Prizerebel and am now going for a PS Vita)

Prizerebel provides both free offers and paid offers.

Free offers are just that – free. They do not require a purchase of any kind.

Paid offers are not free, however, and thus, they credit more points than a free offer, but I do not recommend these, because most of the time, the product being bought costs more than the offer credits.

These offers are usually the download, cell phone, or credit card offers.

Prizerebel gets business mainly from advertisers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

If you do not live in one of these countries, you will get a lot less offers.

There are alternatives to doing normal offers, though, and I’ll cover those later.

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